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The world now a days is going remote, so why not work. that’s where Esolvit introduces this revolutionary platform which will bring the remote jobs and remote candidates together. Through Work From Cloud candidates can search for remote/work from home jobs anywhere in the world and through this platform even employers can find suitable candidates for their job postings. Our platform is a revolutionary experience for both the candidates and the employers as it combines big data technologies and cloud services to bring the best results for both of them.

Work From Cloud takes networking between candidates and employers to another level. The candidate when he visits the site for the first time he can learn a lot about the latest jobs and trends in the market. He can learn the experiences of other candidates about their success stories. The candidate can take a video tour of the site to learn more about the site as well as on how to utilize the site best to enhance his profile. Once the candidate joins the site along with searching the jobs he can network and promote him/herself on the site. He can get himself verified and improve his visibility. He will be provided he list of all the companies and he can also connect with people of his skill. He can project himself in dynamic ways.

Similarly even companies can not only search for candidates but can also market themselves and open hidden doors of success and profit. The companies can access the list of all the candidates present on the Work From Cloud platform and can contact the candidate directly. They can even conduct interviews through this platform. When they post a job the system works dynamically to project the list of candidates matching the JD.

Advantages for the candidates:

  • Unique profile
  • Video profile
  • Remote jobs from around the globe matching his/her skills
  • Numerous templates to choose from to make the profile attractive
  • Can connect from any social networking site
  • Audio/video conferencing, calendar & email services
  • Resume critique to improve the resume and make it more presentable
  • Verification from third party to improve the credibility among employers.

Advantages for the company:

  • Unique profile
  • Candidates matching jobs requirements from across the globe
  • Can market and project the company to potential employees
  • Can connect from any social networking site
  • Audio/video conferencing, calendar and email services
  • Huge database of candidates
  • Companies can create their own ad campaigns right on the WFC platform and market themselves
  • Companies can contact the candidate’s directly
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