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Mobility is transforming the way we conduct business. Today's workplace is now undeniably a mobile enterprise. Advances in wireless technology and smart devices are enabling companies of every size to compress information latency and turn location-specific knowledge into an operational advantage. When enabled by affordable and reliable mobile solutions, companies can improve performance in cost control, speed and process quality. With all the advantages that come with mobilizing your workforce, there are challenges in maintaining security and compliance, managing multiple device platforms and addressing complex mobile requirements.

To be successful in mobility enterprise for driving revenue growth, you must have an integrated strategy for mobile, cloud, big data, social business and security. Esolvit is providing companies with the essential tools to take advantage of new business opportunities being enabled by mobile. In addition to mobile-specific requirements, the company leverages deep technology services for rapid integration between social and cloud services as well as back-end technologies that help secure and manage strategic processes.

Our offerings:

Mobile infrastructure strategy and planning: Esolvit’s mobile infrastructure strategy and planning services helps you develop a robust mobile infrastructure strategy for a more flexible workplace that enables users to bring their devices in alignment with your enterprise goals.

We offer a range of consulting capabilities that assess your current mobile environment against industry best practices, identify important aspects of mobility that may have been overlooked, and help you build a successful business case for mobile initiatives. A focus on strategic planning helps build the right roadmap to mobility and accelerate deployment.

Mobile enterprise services:  As your employees bring their own Smartphone’s and tablets to the workplace, you need to create a flexible mobile environment that supports employee choice, enables secure access to enterprise data and applications, and allows personally owned devices to co-exist in the infrastructure with corporate-issued and special-purpose wireless devices.

Esolvit Mobile Enterprise Services for managed mobility is designed to help reduce the complexity, risk and higher costs that come with a proliferation of mobile platforms. Our robust solution provides lifecycle services and advanced mobile device management for Apple iPhones and iPads, Google Android Smartphone’s and tablets, BlackBerry Smartphone’s and Playbook tablets, as well as many Windows Mobile-based ruggedized devices.

Mobile security services:  As many organizations are learning, security in a new mobile environment goes far beyond protecting corporate email and data. Mobile devices are now deeply connected with back-end systems—and that corporate IT infrastructure needs to be protected from malicious or inadvertent harm.

Esolvit addresses the increasing number of security challenges with a range of services. Our approach focuses on four key areas of mobile security: protecting devices from malware, providing secure connectivity, ensuring appropriate, security-rich access to enterprise systems, and safeguarding data and applications that reside within a secure, mobile-enabled platform. We also offer consulting services to help you identify and mitigate threat levels and risks in applications and mobile endpoints throughout your enterprise.

Our goal is to help you protect confidential information and the privacy of your connected users—even when those devices are outside the physical control of the enterprise.

Smart business desktop cloud:  As end users become more mobile, their need for access to enterprise applications grows—and the “bring-your-own-device (BYOD)” trend only increases demand. An environment that includes traditional desktops and mobile devices often requires specialized IT skills to migrate, integrate and maintain all endpoints.

With Esolvit Smart Business Desktop Cloud, your end users can have faster, security-rich access to corporate data and applications from nearly any device. Our private cloud solution supports BYOD to transform your traditional desktop infrastructure into a virtualized environment. Working with market-leading partners, we provide a robust set of capabilities, from assessment and planning to design and implementation. Virtualization can benefit almost all areas of your organization—including engineers and designers whose high-bandwidth applications had been difficult to migrate, for improved productivity and increased business flexibility.

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