Job Title: Enterprise Architect


Responsibilities will include:

  • Design and implementation of a Metadata Repository.
  • Customization of standard InformaticaMeta Model to accommodate a full range of metadata as defined for the collection and storage of enterprise Medicaid Metadata.
  • Design and development of customizable interface for consumers of information within the Metadata Repository.
  • Support for both Development and Production environment including release/promotion/publish process for all metadata.
  • Design, implementation and management of security access roles and privileges for all types of metadata consumers.
  • Design and development of Metadata Repository backup/recovery strategy.
  • Development of processes and guidelines for Metadata management – change management, metadata access and sharing. This will include processes and capabilities for versioning all forms of metadata.
  • Overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations and oversight of the Metadata Repository.
  • Coordination and collaboration with other initiatives as required for Metadata Sharing including generation of required formats for metadata import and export.
  • Design, implementation and support of a Data Model repository for storage and display of enterprise system models including versioning and differential reporting for data models.
  • Participation in design and deliverable reviews as requested.



Minimum Requirements:

Years Skills/Experience
5 Experience designing and implementation of InformaticaPowerCenter custom solutions; with a minimum of 1 year experience with the Informatica 9 Platform (including Metadata Manager, Business Glossary, Data Analyst, and Reporting).
3 Experience installing and configuring Metadata Manager architecture, including Informatica Domain, Repository Service, Integration Service, Metadata Manager Service, and Reporting Service for Metadata Manager; and the Meta Data Manager Agent.

3 Experience in configuring and monitoring metadata services; and the management of Metadata Manager users, groups, and roles in Power Center's unified administration console.
3 Experience in capturing data definitions and lineage from data modeling tools, relational databases, ETL, BI, and other sources.
3 In-depth knowledge of the Metadata Manager architecture and Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM)
3 Experience designing and implementing customized Informatica Metadata Management resources to extract enterprise metadata.
3 Experience in utilizing Power Center workflows in the extraction of metadata from disparate sources and the loading of that data into a centralize Metadata Manager Warehouse
3 Experience in creating a custom meta-model by defining new classes, hierarchies, and associations using Meta-Model Editor; along with experience extending an existing meta-model with custom attributes as requested.
2 Experience with Erwin and ERStudio data modeling tools.

2 Experience with implementation of an Informatica instance on an Oracle 11g or 12c platform, preferable 12c.
1 Experience loading a business glossary into Informatica Metadata Manager

1 Experience using Data Analyzer to generate customized metadata reports in the Metadata Manager Warehouse.

1 Experience with version management of the Metadata Repository and the implementation and support of a back-up/restore strategy.
Strong Proven ability to work successfully with technical and non-technical groups, and manage multiple responsibilities.
Strong Excellent analytical, problem-solving, team playing, oral and written communications; and technical writing skills.


Years Skills/Experience
  Some experience as an Oracle DBA desired, but not required

Experience with metadata for Master Data Management solutions

Experience with Security and/or Data Quality metadata

Experience with both Relational and Dimensional Data Models

Jaspersoft custom reporting design experience


Version Control tool experience

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, or equivalent experience.

Duration: 02 Months
Location: Austin
Type: Contract

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