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Esolvit, Inc.
11675 Jollyville Road,
Suite 152
Austin, TX 78759 USA
Tel : (512)-551-4000,(512)-761-1205
Fax : (512)-628-6256

Getting a Quote

Please email dir@esolvit.com or call (512)-551-4000,
(512)-350-9564 to speak with one of our sales associates.

Once a quote for services has been delivered, customers may request a purchase order from their accounts payable department to be submitted to Esolvit.

We will then begin working on your project as soon as payment is received.

Data Admin Center

Our services reach you no matter where you are doing business. Esolvit provides Staff Augmentation, Direct Placement services, and Management of outsourced projects. Each of these services is tailored in a way that best suits the client’s development environment.

Data centers have a bad reputation lately. Administrators often complain they are expensive to maintain, consume too much energy and run inefficiently. They've been viewed as a burdensome utility or worse: a barrier to growth. But what if your data center could be a high-performing strategic asset? What if you could allocate more of your IT budget to innovative new projects? According to the 2012 Global Data Center Efficiency Study, enterprises with highly efficient data centers allocate 53 percent more of their IT budgets to new projects because they are able to minimize maintenance costs. As one of the world's largest builders and managers of data centers, Esolvit can help you realize this goal by creating optimized, flexible data centers that are aligned with your business imperatives. By planning, designing and automating key functions of your data centers, we build efficient, effective computing hubs that serve as a platform for agility and innovation. With Esolvit’s Data Center Services, you can identify areas to improve operational efficiency across your infrastructure.

Please see below for more information regarding these services and the easy to use and flexible procurement and contracting vehicle:

If you are interested in more information on our new services through DIR Co-operative Contracts,
DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-2409, please contact us by one of the following methods, and feel free to reference the 
DIR Co-operative Contracts.

Tel : (512)-551-4000,
Fax :(512)-628-6256
Esolvit, Inc.
11675 Jollyville Road,
Suite 152
Austin, TX 78759 USA

   Contact Information

Please contact Esolvit, Inc. at Tel : (512)-551-4000 or (512)-761-1205, (512)-350-9564  Fax : (512)-628-6256  to find out more and discuss your specific requirements.
For more information regarding these services and this easy to use and flexible procurement and contracting vehicle, see the DIR website.

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