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Analysis is one of the core competencies of our company. We have a dedicated team of analysts with strong domain and analytical knowledge. ESolvit brings the hidden data trends to the foreground by analyzing and presenting it in various scenarios to the client. The biggest hindrance is analyzing the volumes unstructured data and bringing the hidden data patterns to the attention of the business owners.

Our expert analysis takes the client to the next level by analytical platform that is required by the decision makers. ESolvit follows business driven need combined with data driven approach to create the real time analytical platform. Once tapped the unstructured data will turn into biggest asset generating returns to the clients. Our analysts analyze big data and create optimized solutions to handle wide variety, volumes in real time. Big data does not replace the traditional data warehouse or traditional BI reporting. Big data works in compliance with the traditional BI to provide ways and means to analyze the data in real time. ESolvit works to provide analytical solutions that are faster, accurate and reliable by analyzing unstructured data.

ESolvit offers following services:

  • » Solve the business problems by analyzing the structured and unstructured data
  • » Create insight to the clients in how to deal with variety, velocity and volume
  • » Provide the necessary real time models to optimize the operations
  • » Provides solutions on online, in memory and predictive analytics
  • » Provide agility that the business teams need to process big data
  • » Create cultural shift in data analysis
  • » Enable the clients with faster development cycles
  • » Provide maximum ROI to the clients with our analytical tools
  • » To provide enterprise class capabilities to clients
  • » Propose creative and innovative methods in data analysis
  • » Create analytical knowledge data base for the clients
  • » Present canned, traditional and adhoc reports for power users and operational teams

Visualize Big Data:

Big data is very complex and high in volumes. The challenge lies in to communicate the data effectively, that is analyzed and extracted in a graphical way. ESolvit’s designs aesthetically pleasing and user friendly data visualization solutions. ESolvit delivers web based analysis of visualization and cloud enabled data visualization solutions. Big data enriches the quality of dashboard; it improves performance metrics reporting and supports various data visualizations. Big data brings data visualization, advanced analytics, real time analytics, in-time analytics and in-database analytics together to provide the best optimized solutions for business problems.

ESolvit builds data visualization for

  • » Geo enhanced analytical and interactive dashboards
  • » Cloud and non-cloud based intelligent data visualizations tools
  • » Present enterprise and departmental level contextual real time and Big Data visualization tools
  • » Create online interactive story telling data visualization applications
  • » Integrate the interactive data visualization applications with existing applications
  • » Integrate the data visualization applications to mobile devices
  • » Build highly creative graphical reports integrated with maps

ESolvit develops solutions

  • » By referring to existing data warehouse
  • » By extracting the data from cloud
  • » To read from existing ROLAP and MOLAP data sources
  • » Mobile integration and optimized solutions for in memory applications
  • » Build database analytics, in memory analytics and real time analytics
  • » To build creative and user friendly dashboard
  • » Provide maintenance and hassle free solutions thus ensuring high ROI
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