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Customer perspective is every businesses reality. ESolvit provides you a 360° view of your customer. We believe that customer analytics helps turn your data into a good insight of your customers needs and it is a tool to drive your business to the next level. It is the intersection of hard science and common sense where your data transforms into the ultimate marketing tool that turns everyday obstacles into opportunities.

The top 20% of customers are lifeblood of a business and contribute 80% of the revenue. The bottom 20% at best contribute nothing to the bottom line and at worst cost more than they contribute. ESolvit will help you identify the top 20% of customers, middle 60% and bottom 20%. The next step will be strategy to keep the top 20% customers happy and encourage the middle 60% customers to become top 20%. Then we have to determine what to do with our lead customers.

Are you bogged down by following questions

  • » Who are my customers? Which customers are valuable? Which aren't?
  • » What do I do with my most valuable customers?
  • » How do I make my less valuable customer more valuable?
  • » How do I get a deeper understanding of customer sentiment from both internal and external customers?
  • » How do I increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by understanding what meaningful actions are needed?
  • » Challenged getting the right information to the right people to provide customers what they need to solve their problems, cross sell, up sell?
  • » How do I know what customers want, why they buy, why they switch and what will keep them engaged in the fold?
  • » How do I solve customer issues quickly and move onto revenue generation conversations?
  • » By retaining customers and enabling up sell and cross sell opportunities, the resources invested in obtaining pay dividends many times over.

Business Challenges:

  • » Organizational silos can lead to a fragmented view of the customer and an inaccurate understating of their needs and frustrations
  • » Cultural barriers often prohibit product, marketing, support and sales managers to share their data across the organization
  • » Valuable customer data is hidden in external data sources, online web logs, clickstreams and social media posting

With ESolvit you can turn all the above challenges to your advantage. ESolvit can extract data from Ecommerce, POS data, 3rd party demographic and psychographic data, web logs, Geo location data, CRM, DBMS, Support, Social, email, external, supply chain, contents, wiki, experts, product inventory and placement data, advertising impression data across media – online, TV, radio, print and it goes on.

Gain in-depth understanding of your customer

  • » Record and analyze every relevant data point, including online behavior, web logs, social media data, external data sources and mobile device information.
  • » Identify how likely a customer is to buy or engage by cross analyzing online and transactional data
  • » Learn which product or offers your customer might be interested by leveraging geo location, demographic and promotional data

Track customer behavior across products and situations

  • » Drive promotions and product placements by analyzing geo tagging data and conducting market basket simulations
  • » Maximize revenues and minimize losses by correlating product purchases with geo location, psychographic and demographic data
  • » Understand the impact of external factors on future behavior by correlating social media, whether, major events and potential natural disasters with product purchases

Build more profitable relations with smart targeting

  • » Micro segment customers by desirable demographics, psychographics, purchases and other behaviors
  • » Identify your most valuable customers based on information such as in-store, online, purchase and demographics
  • » Target customer most likely to return and purchase to maximize promotions, up selling and cross selling opportunities
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